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Frequently asked questions

How big are the tattoos?

Each tattoo piece is 2.83cm x 2.83cm corner to corner. Being a puzzle shape it can seem larger or smaller depending on whether the piece has a section that protrudes or is cut in.

What if I just want to donate and not receive a tattoo?

Awesome! Donations can be made to individuals who have signed to be tattooed or directly to the project using the following link. Raffle tickets and merchandise are other ways you can contribute to the fundraising.

When/where can I get a tattoo?

Tattoos will be performed between July 2023 & September 2023 at the Thanks Tattoo Studio in Sydney. Gummy will also be taking bookings at Byron Bay throughout this time with information on dates for Byron Bay being announced via Instagram.

Do I have to fundraise if I get a tattoo?

Yes, for this project to be a success, we are relying on our community to fundraise. Once you have bought your piece and have #SkinInTheGame, you will be set up with a fundraising account. We encourage you to reach far and wide to help us raise money for this cause.

Why aren’t the pieces numbered 1-250?

This puzzle is part of a larger 3000-piece work that will be filled out by different artists as the project progresses globally.

Can I get the tattoo anywhere on my body?

Yes, as long as Gummy is able to confidently perform the art to his standard on the area selected.

Will there be another round once this is all gone?

In Sydney no, next stops on the project include Los Angeles, NYC, London and more TBC.