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In Pieces is a fundraising project raising money for suicide support charities by tattooing 250 people with individual puzzle pieces. Together, the pieces form a larger work, linking participants to the cause and community. #SkinInTheGame

About The Project

In Pieces is an initiative that aims to destigmatise how suicide is portrayed in society and change the narrative around how suicide is discussed in public life.

The project title, In Pieces, is born out of the puzzling impact that suicide often has on people while also offering hope; by coming together pieces and people can become whole again.

Suicide is the number one killer of Australians aged 18-44. If you haven’t been directly affected by it, someone you know has. Yet the rippling and long-lasting impact of suicide is often overlooked amongst the havoc and devastation of losing someone.

Our core endeavours are to raise funds for the Chumpy Pullin Foundation for suicide support initiatives and to build a safe, supportive, and ultimately connected community.

The project is co-curated by legendary Australian tattooer and owner of Thanks Tattoo, Gummy Johnston, media agency Life Without Andy, filmmaker Kai Neville, Johnston Advisory’s Ben Johnston, and executive producer Lauren Barge.

About the Artwork

Gummy has re-created a special version of ‘Battle Royale’, an iconic piece that has been getting tattooed for over 100 years and depicts a scene where three powers – a snake, an eagle and a dragon – are in battle. The tattoo represented life’s eternal struggles and was chosen by Gummy as a reflection of his personal dealings with suicide and generational trauma as a consequence of suicide.

The design has been divided into 250 puzzle pieces, each of which will be available for purchase as a one-of-one tattoo that is simultaneously its own unique piece of art and part of a unified collective work that will live on the skin of 250 people. They will be priced at $200 per piece, with a collectible puzzle piece that mirrors theirs.

Our Goal

Our fundraising target is $500,000, including the money collected from the tattoos. We will encourage peer-to-peer donations linked to the tattoo recipients to reach this target while attracting sponsors, hosting raffles and selling merchandise. A gala dinner is also planned for November 2023 to celebrate the initiative, including special guests and exciting auction items.

In July 2023, we will open the campaign publicly to anyone who wants to join in, with tattooing sessions happening from July to September 2023. Along the way, the team will document key moments and highlight important stories we collect on this journey. These will be turned into a book after the initiative and feature in a mini-documentary.

The Future of In Pieces

This project commences in Australia with the first 250 pieces of a larger 3000-piece puzzle. In 2024 In Pieces will become a global initiative as we work with tattooists in the USA, UK and Japan.